SEO Training - Getting to the top of the Search Engines

SEO Training in 6 simple courses: Getting to the Top of Google and Staying There!

Put our methods to the test before reading past this next paragraph. . .

Please open up another browser tab to and type in "Acoustic guitar reviews" and you will see my affiliate marketing site in the top natural rankings (

Then go back to Google's search engine and type in "50 lavender oil uses" and you will find an affiliate marketing site that belongs to my wife (

These rankings are not from luck, nor by accident, but by following a very simple process that I will teach you over a 6 week, interactive, tailor-made course to help you learn what it takes to Get to the top of Google and stay there!

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Introduction:  Hello- I am Aaron Schulman and I have been earning a living online and helping others be more effective online since 2007.  

This is the course outline from over 7 years of online SEO and Search Engine Marketing Study and Experience.

In fact, this is how I pay my bills for my family, so it has to work for me, and I can teach you how to make it work for you too.

Whether you are a business start-up or a large corporation, the rules of SEO and Search Engine Marketing are the same.

In this course, I show you the history of Search Engine Development so you understand how the Search Engine Companies think, how they change and who they are really trying to serve.  When you understand their process, you can cut through all of the out-dated SEO training out there and continue to gain rankings by serving the Search Engine Algorithms what they want.

We adhere to Google best practices as publicized by Matt Cutts, Google's chief head over Search Engine Spam.  By sticking to quality processes and training you to do the  same, you will be able to recognize the simplicity of pure SEO and will be able to avoid the temptation to apply black hat, get to the top quick schemes that can actually get your pages black-listed from Google and other Search Engines.

During our 6 weeks together (60 to 90 minutes each week), we will train you via online conference from the comfort of your office or home, at a time suitable to both of us.

Here is a comprehensive outline of what you will learn . . .

from our time together, broken up into 6, weekly sessions with action steps ( I hate to use the word, homework, but that is how you will learn best - by applying weekly action steps to prod you toward success and better retention).

1)  Session 1:  The History of Search Engines and How Google Works Today

  • History of Search Engines
  • Surviving Algorithm Updates
  • The Power of the Back link
  • The Power of Quality, Original Content
  • Developing your Common Sense Keyword "Wish list"

SEO Trainees - link to session 1 outline notes, PDFs & videos here


2)  Session 2:  Developing Your True Keyword Strategy List

  • Using Long Tail Keyword Strategies
  • Building competitive Keyword Strategies
  • Understanding the differences between general, research and "sales" search phrases
  • Implementing the Correct Keyword Phrases for your Site Goals
  • Understanding how Google Ranks Individual Site Pages for specific Keyword Phrases
  • Implementing Google Analytics to Make Scientific Improvements
  • Best Practices for getting the quality back links or incoming links to get your pages in the top 10
  • Theming your guest articles- never run out of link opportunities
  • Avoiding junk links and out-dated SEO practices
  • Outsourcing for efficiency, speed and leverage
  • Implementing the 2 most powerful SEO strategies
  • A look at continuing content- how to serve Google and searchers with quality, fresh content for higher rankings

SEO Trainees - link to session 2 outline notes, PDFs & videos here

3)  Session 3:  Putting your link building campaign into ACTION!

  • Getting your article themes finished and written
  • Working with your writers (if you decide to outsource)
  • Using powerful but free SEO insight tools to find the right partners
  • Nofollow and Noindex tags - what to look for in guest sites
  • Guest blogging, finding and working with your online publishing relationships
  • Determining the right keywords and phrases for each page on your site
  • Crafting unique author bios
  • Understanding link variation, length and importance (avoid Spam filtering by Google)
  • Building and contacting the right publishing partners
  • Article series to get more links for your efforts
  • Using Gmail to organize your SEO campaigns

SEO Trainees - link to session 3 outline notes, PDFs & videos here

4)  Session 4:  Getting your articles published with effectiveness and page rank

  • Setting up your email account for good organization and follow through
  • Optimizing your Articles
  • Placing the correct anchor text in your articles
  • Varying your anchor text - good practices for Google Spam protection
  • Contacting your site partners for backlinks - most effective strategies
  • Reviewing Google Keyword tool and LSI (latent semantic indexing)
  • Ways to variate your text and still rank well for your keyword wish list
  • Real life examples of partnering emails and templates that work
  • Keep it personal - building long term site relationships for long term rankings
  • HTML basics for setting up your articles properly
  • HTML editor reviews to make life a bit easier
  • How to get page rank you want (discussing PR flow from partner sites)

SEO Trainees - link to session 4 outline notes, PDFS & videos here

5) Session 5:  SEO maintenance and other best practices & tools

  • Using graphics and FREE illustrations to spruce up the appeal
  • Getting more out of your author bio section
  • Different SEO strategy pages to use for maximizing SEO and conversions
  • Anchor articles / Major Hub Articles
  • Product Reviews - make money when someone buys
  • Other Affiliate Marketing Pages and Ideas
  • Other "Power Page" ideas
  • General Advertising and PPC Ad Pages - make commissions every time someone clicks
  • Long-term link strategies

SEO Trainees - link to session 5 outline notes, PDFS & videos here

 6)  Session 6: Specific Strategies, R-10 and continued Search Engine Reputation

  • Specific Strategies and follow through
  • 2 parts of a solid SEO campaign ramp up
  • Using Master Home articles for maximum ROI
  • Using Master Partner Articles efficiently
  • Leveraging social media and popular content
  • Developing long-tail and a realistic publishing schedule
  • Some link / content strategies to lower bounce rate
  • General interest versus buyer phrases
  • Hub / Anchor Articles – distributing more link-juice
  • Multiple insight and feedback tools for higher insight and conversions
  • 3 to 5 rule
  • R-10 Method – Use the whole Buffalo!
  • Q & A and specific strategies


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