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email-marketing-tipsEmail marketing tips for best prospect / client retention and long-term relationship building.

I have been helping businesses with Direct Marketing, Internet Marketing, and building integrated marketing systems since 2004, and one thing that has always been an integral part in their success is Email Marketing.

Some of my clients have included small local brands such as the Midwest Implant Institute and, as well as national brands like Gravity Golf.

Most clients I have brought on have either not used email marketing properly, or have not used it at all.  

And, with all of the social media, SMS (text marketing) and the ridiculous growth of digital media marketing, email marketing will continue to thrive and be an essential part of most businesses for years to come, in spite of what all the nay-sayers believe.

Here are 3 balancing tips when it comes to your email marketing campaign that I have learned to be very beneficial throughout the years with my own efforts as well as many of my clients.

EMAIL MARKETING TIP #1 -  Be Relational

However you can do it, whether you are a large company or a budding entrepreneur, let your customers, prospects and subscribers know, at least 1/3 of the time that you are a human with a real heart, emotions and are relatable.  

Give at least 1/3 of all of your messages or, at least 1/3 of each message some heart and human touch.  Remember, dogs, cats, rocks, computers and trees are not making the buying decisions.  People are- and people want to buy from trustworthy, relatable people.  Let them see some of your human side (with a tasteful approach of course), and let them behind the scenes occasionally so they can smile at the thought of a nice picture or activity you are doing to build up your friends, family or neighborhood.  

Again- spend about 1/3 of your message content building the relationship and bonding with your subscribers or followers, engaging them, sharing your human-ness and letting them sense some warmth, personal touch and help them realize you actually have a heart-beat, and even a sense of humor from time to time.

EMAIL MARKETING TIP #2 - Be Educational / Informational / Helpful

The second 1/3 of your email messages and content should be educational, informational, helpful to your audience, without asking for a single cent or action in return.  When you give your followers thin content, you turn them off, and you waste their time, as well as yours.  Give them some kind of "meat" or "substance" in each post that they can take to the bank, at least the bank of improving their lives or businesses with your content.

This post, for example, has proven to be very invaluable for all of my clients who made the wise decision to use email marketing as the hub of their marketing system.  By sticking to this rule-of-thirds for email marketing, you will automatically connect, inform, help, and promote without coming across too pushy, and you will do this on a regular basis.  If you are able to do all 3 in each message, then you will have mastered the art of email marketing in a way that only you can accomplish. 

Not everyone is going to buy from you, and not everyone is going to relate to your personal style, but the more you practice and convey your heart through your content, the more the RIGHT people will follow you and the WRONG people will filter themselves away.

EMAIL MARKETING TIP #3 - Promote the Other 1/3 of the Time

If you relate 1/3 of the time, and educate or give valuable information the second third of the time, you will be able to easily promote 1/3 of the time without losing too many subscribers and you will even see your referrals and sales increase.

Essentially, you want to break your content up into thirds, and then adjust based on attrition rates and engagement rates.  Review your email analytics regularly and adjust to your subscribers'' needs and engagement behavior.

If your readers respond much more favorably to your relational versus your educational messages, then increase those relationship building email frequencies and connect with them.  You, your business, and your services or whatever you are promoting online has a unique spice, a unique flare and touch and  a Unique Selling Proposition or USP.  

Don't be one of those people who just pounds content out there and never adjusts, or your effectiveness will certainly suffer for it.

If you have any thoughts on this or other tips, please share below and don't bother wasting your time if you are going to give thin comments for a simple back-link, please.   Give people something worth reading in your comment as well.

Blessings and to your email marketing success!


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