Strategic Web Development

Get Social Web 2.0 and take control of your web presence

Strategic Web Development begins with the big picture of your business and all of the important ingredients and research (please see the list of features and benefits below):

  • your goals
  • your market
  • hidden and niche markets
  • your client and prospect relationship needs
  • real market research
  • competitive analyses
  • SWOT analysis
  • real and available resources
  • offensive and defensive marketing strategies
  • current and future trends in technology
  • and much more
We then work with your team to develop an immediate needs analysis and an ongoing needs analysis to being testing and improving your web sales and marketing funnel while planning for the future development of expected growth.
Additionally, we help you identify internal team members who can begin to learn new marketing, research, and management skills and tools so that your new web tools can become an internal and integrated part of your growing team.
We help you to take control of your total web presence through the latest in content management systems and other highly effective and user-friendly web tools with ongoing support and training as you experience new growth and expansion into niche markets.
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Some of the web 2.0 tools we can help to integrate into your site:

Drupal is a powerful, cutting edge content management similar to joomla or wordpress, but offers many advantages (this site is built on it).  The community is global and open-source, so no worries about bottlenecks on custom projects.  Drupal CMS gives you, the site owner, complete control of your web presence, add-on modules (over 7,000 plug-ins) for the latest in all web related development, and continues to be used by many of the top companies in existence.  To learn more about what Drupal is and why we rely on it, visit the site and see some of the major brands, organizations, countries, and governments that have used Drupal to build robust web 2.0 sites here:

Web 2.0 is an old term in Internet years, but is ever relevant for building any website that has any hope of getting some attention and use.  We are able to integrate your Drupal site with just about any social plugin or connection so that your site can integrate seamlessly with your Web 2.0 (social networking and social bookmarking sites).  View this list of dynamic social sharing tools that are available at your fingertips by hovering over this share save button.  (You can even use it to share this page with a friend if you like (we won't mind the referral)wink


Traffic is one part of the two part formula for Internet success.  The other half is "conversion", below.  Traffic is getting easier to attain, but more dynamic in sources and streams.  We help you begin to learn and improve your ability to get targeted paid and free traffic.  Though nothing is actually free, once you learn how to internalize the processes for getting targeted traffic to your website, you will be able to continue to build on those skills and traffic streams so that you always have fresh visitors, prospects, and sales if that is your goal.

Increase your profits without increasing your ad budget.  With more competition, more fluff, and more spam out there every day, increasing your conversion rate is the science of testing and tracking scientific behavior patterns and using the latest in feedback tools, surveys, and analytics to continually improve your sales or goal percentages.   By internalizing the principles and committing your site practices to scientific, testable and trackable improvements you are guaranteeing yourself better profitability in a tougher e-commerce world.  Gaining trust, understanding your visitors through insight and usability tools, and more will help you get your site on a Perpertual Improvement place whereby you can always rely on your testing and tools to help increase sales and profitability without increasing your traffic or ad budget.  We subscribe, test and implement many of the tools recommended by some of the best conversion pros in the industry - and you should consider subscribing to thier newsletter to begin instantly understanding and improving your own conversion through the latest in free and paid conversion improvement tools. 

Whats the big deal about SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?  SEO, if done right, is like getting years of residual, targeted buyers, whereby paid advertising has a very limited traffic life.  Very few people really understand the power and market value of targeted SEO, but whatever you do, don't hire us or attempt an SEO campaign if you do not have the # 2 ingredients that are necessary to make SEO work: patience and consistency.  Many "fly-by-night" sheisters are out there, claiming they can get instant SEO success for you or your company virtually over night, but beware of the age-old quick riches pitch.  SEO is not easy, but it is simple and requires consistency and effort over a period of several months, if not more, to become ranked and trusted by the Search Engines (SEs).  Once SEs trust a page on your site and rank it highly for a season of time, chances are, that your page will pull highly targeted, interested people month after month, and potentially year after year.  The investment of a good SEO campaign can be fairly high, but the results can cut out a lot of repeat advertising online, allowing you to invest those monies in other places of your company.  The bottom line is, good SEO is a solid investment, takes time, and can make you very profitable.  Be wary of the companies or individuals that teach black-hat, overnight SEO as it is not realistic and if it does have an affect, will clearly get bumped from the rankings in short time and could potentially cause your site to become banned from certain Search Engines.  For those wanting to have long-term success online, it is like any business. . . one should look to investing in steady, long-term SEO commitments.

Chat is another one of those "must-haves" if your site is social in any way.  If you have visitors that can benefit by talking directly to you or others who are interested in your website niche or topic, chat is basically a web standard.  With the Drupal interface (or any interface) we can integrate the latest in reliable, server-light chat modules and push engines so your visitors can talk instantly to you or others and ask questions in real time, brag about your goodies, or take a rant directly to you to extinguish before a misunderstanding becomes a widespread fire.

Completely customizable email, email marketing, and email integration with all of the latest client side (on your computer) and server side (on the web) email servers are available through our services.  No need to worry about email loads, limited numbers of addresses or campaigns, or trusted deliverability by the ISPs (Internet Service Providers).  We use only the best in hosting and Email Marketing solutions for your needs.  All solutions are completely scalable to handle any load from a small ma-and-pa shop to a busting social enterprise site.  We've been down the hard roads of testing good and bad services and hand-pick only the best in trust, ICANN compliance, reliability, customer support, deliverability and service.


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Aaron Schulman for Aim Advantage